About Me

Welcome to ClareChandler.com

Firstly, allow me to say “hi and welcome to my website!”  This being my first website, you will have to bear with me as I attempt to keep it fresh, functional and of course up to date.  I’m new to this (running a website, not the cake making!) so I am learning as I go along.

A few things you should probably know before you go any further.

Firstly, you can find much more about me and the process involved on my FAQs page, and I’ll endeavour to keep the information up to date and accurate.

Secondly, you are free to contact me via my contact page at any time if you have any questions concerning my cake making or would like to give me feedback.  Your opinions mean alot to me.

A Little Background

I’ve been making cakes for a while now and I can honestly say that I’ve never paid much attention over the years to the compliments I receive.  Whether it be regarding the taste, or how the cake looks visually, it’s just something I do, whether it’s for friends, family, even friends of friends, it’s no big deal.  I simply have a real passion for making cakes.

However, recently many people have been asking me where they could get a cake like “that one” and they’re generally blown away when I tell them I made it myself, and even more so when I tell them, “it’s just something I do”.

Finally, after many suggestions, requests and much pushing, I have decided to venture out into the big bad world of small business.  My goal – quality cakes at reasonable prices.  If I am honest, I’m actually a little embarrassed when I look at some cake makers and what they have the nerve to charge.   A pre-made fruit cake with some foam figures on top does not constitute a quality cake.

My promise to you as my prospective customer is simple.  I’ll give you a cake you can not only be proud of, but also a cake that’ll have your taste buds dancing a jig.  My passion for making you a fantastic cake – for whatever occasion – is my secret ingredient.

With love
Clare xx